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EPF Withdrawal Guildline

EPF Withdrawal Guildline

This withdrawal allows you to withdraw your savings in Account II to part finance the purchase of a house as follows :-

  • Individual purchase ; or
  • Joint purchase with spouse, family members or other individuals.

This withdrawal also allows you to purchase a house from the developer, an individual or public auction.

You are eligible to apply if :-

  • You are a :
    • Malaysian citizen ;
    • Non-Malaysian citizen with Malaysian Permanent Resident (PR) status ;
    • Malaysian citizen who has withdrawn your savings under Leaving The Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 and subsequently made an election to re-contribute to EPF ; or
    • Non-Malaysian citizen (Expatriate) who became a member of the EPF before 1 August 1998.
  • You have not reached 55 years of age on the date the application is received by EPF.
  • You still have savings in Account II.
  • You have purchased a house (house types : bungalow / terrace / semi-detached / flat / condominium / apartment / studio apartment / service apartment / town house) or a shophouse with a dwelling unit ; and
  • You financed the purchase of the house by obtaining a housing loan from any financial institution approved by EPF OR You purchased the house by cash ; and
  • You have executed the Sales and Purchase Agreement not more than three years on the date the application is received by EPF ; and
  • You have never withdrawn your EPF savings for housing OR You purchased a second house – You have withdrawn your EPF savings for housing before this but you have sold the house and subsequently purchased another house (you must produce the proof of sale of the first house).
  • You wish to purchase a house by way of hire purchase from any authority authorised by EPF.
  • You purchased a piece of land and build a house on it simultaneously (the date of Land Purchase Agreement with the House Construction Agreement must be within 6 months).

However, you are not eligible to make withdrawal for the purpose of :-

  • Purchasing a piece of land or a housing lot only.
  • Renovate, repair or make extensions to an existing house.
You are required to complete Form KWSP 9C (AHL) and to submit this form together with the original and photocopy of the following documents, whichever is applicable :

  • Your Identification Card / Military Identification Card, OR The following Identification Card affixed with your right and left thumbprints on its copy :
    • MyKad
    • Police Identification Card and a letter from your employer confirming that your police no. and Identification Card no. refer to the same person.
  • Your Personal Savings Account Passbook/Statement or Personal Current Account Statement which is still active ;
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (purchase from developer) or Proclamation of Sale (purchase from public auction) containing your name or the names of all applicants for joint purchase and that is executed not more than 3 years on the date the application is received by EPF ; and
  • If you have obtained a housing loan, the following documents are required :-
    • Housing Loan Approval Letter (if the loan approval is less than one year) , OR
    • Housing Loan Approval Letter and Housing Loan Agreement / Mortgage Form 16A (if the loan approval has been more than one year).
  • If you self-financed the purchase of the house, the following additional documents are required :-
    Purchase From Developer Purchase From Public Auction
    Letter from the developer confirming the purchase paid in cash ; and Letter from the developer confirming the purchase paid in cash ; and
    Proof of payment of at least 20% from the price of the house ; and Proof of payment of at least 20% from the price of the house ; and
    Architect Certificate with not less than 20% of construction progress. Transfer of ownership document such as :Form KTN 16F (‘Perakuan Jual Oleh Mahkamah’)
    Form KTN 16I (‘Perakuan Jual Oleh Pentadbir Tanah)
    Deed of Assignment in your name
    Form KTN 16F/ 16I/ Deed Of Assignment which has not been processed by the Land Office AND Declaration letter from you to produce the above-mentioned transfer of ownership document (duly completed) within 6 months.
All application forms can be submitted to any EPF office either at the counter or by post :

  • Submission at the counter – enclose together with the original documents and their photocopies.
  • Submission by post – photocopies of documents must be certified by one of the officers authorised by EPF.
Officers authorised by EPF to certify supporting documents to application form are as follows (except for certain documents, which must be certified by the respective officer as stated in the withdrawal form) :-

  • EPF Officer (EPF Officer – Grade 18 and above or EPF Counter Duties)
  • Applicant’s employer
  • Justice Of The Peace
  • Penghulu/Penggawa
  • Advocates and Solicitors
  • Government Officers in the Management and Professional Group
  • State Assemblyman
  • Member of Parliament
  • Commissioner of Oath
All withdrawal payments will be credited directly into your bank account subject to the following conditions :-

  • You have a bank account with any panel of banks appointed by EPF ;
  • Your bank account is still active ; and
  • Your bank account is a Personal Savings/Current Bank Account OR a Joint Account (for withdrawal payment above RM100,000 only).

However, if the EPF is unable to credit the payment into your bank account due to reasons such as your bank account is not active or your Personal Identification number does not match, you will be paid by banker’s cheque.

(For more information regarding direct payment to your bank account and the list of banks appointed by EPF, please refer to Direct Crediting Into Member’s Bank Account System)

Note : After making this withdrawal, you are eligible to withdraw your savings to reduce/redeem the housing loan for the same house once a year. For further information, please refer to Reduce/Redeem Housing Loan Withdrawal.

You are required to furnish your full address in Form KWSP 9C(AHL). Any change of address after submitting this application must be notified to the nearest EPF office.

If you have any enquiry or require further information on this withdrawal, please contact the EPF office

  • Any nearest EPF office
  • EPF Call Management Centre, Tel : 03-8732 6000
  • E-mail : [email protected]

Please quote your EPF membership number and the type of withdrawal that you have applied for when you contact the EPF. You are encouraged to contact the EPF directly for assistance and advice.