MM2H Fees Structure

Summerfield MM2H’s Plan A & B

MM2H Fee Structure

Please select a Plan according to the services you need for your MM2H application.


For Age 60 & Above Only





FEE IN RM MAIN APPLICANT 9000 10000 12000
PER DEPENDENT 1000 1000 1000
With Documents in English Only.
STAGE-TWO Balance of Fee Balance of Fee Balance of Fee

Agent Appointment Fee @ RM 2000 is due after we receive the signed MAAA.
(MAAA = MM2H Agent Appointment Agreement)
This is to ensure that clients who appoint Summerfield MM2H as their MM2H Agent are genuine.
This AA fee is part of our total fee stated in the signed MAAA.


Our Scope of Services for each Selected Plan

STAGE-ONE : Plan A, B & C – MM2H Application A B C
1.    Provide up to date information on the terms and conditions of MM2H Programme.
2.    Evaluate applicant’s eligibility for the MM2H Application via our MM2H Online Assessment.
3.    Provide detailed MM2H Checklist designed for easy reference of all required documents for a successful MM2H Application.
4.    Provide samples of required documents for reference.
5.    Guide applicant to prepare the complete documents as per Ministry’s requirements.
6.    Review & confirm documents are complete prior to delivery to us for the formal submission.
7.    Fee Due @ Submission – Applicant is to remit the fee to our bank account as per selected Plan.
8.    Upon receipt of fee & complete documents, we prepare documents on our part as agent/sponsor including the Personal Bond(s) signed with stamp duties paid or applicants as required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. (No deposits are required).
9.    Submit application to the Ministry of Tourism (MoTour).
10. Email applicant the official receipt of submission from MoTac. As of to date, from the date of submission, the Ministry takes up to 5 to 7 months to process and to approve the applications.
11. Follow-up with the Ministry concerning the status of the application.
12. In the unlikely event that the application is being declined, appeals will be submitted to the Ministry until the issuance of MM2H Conditional Approval Letter (MCAL).
13. Upon approval, we will email applicant the MM2H Conditional Approval Letter. Applicant is to schedule visit to Kuala Lumpur to complete all conditions & to obtain the MM2H Pass & Visa Endorsement(s). Guidance will be provided for Steg-Two Procedures.


STAGE-TWO : Plan A, B & C – MM2H Approval A B C
1.    Applicants (& family, if applicable) are to visit Kuala Lumpur within 6 months from the issuance date of the MCAL to fulfil the conditions set by the Immigration of Malaysia as below:

a.        Assist to complete Medical Check-up at selected clinic.

b.        Assist to purchase Medical Insurance for each participant as per requirement with our selected insurance company; (Insurance Premium payable to Insurance Company).

c.        Fixed Deposit Placement

– Applicant are allowed to place the required Fixed Deposit with any bank in Malaysia.

– The Fixed Deposit must be under lien with auto-renewal for 10 years.

– Withdrawal of Fixed Deposit must have prior approval from Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

2.    After completion of the above conditions, we will be present with the applicants at MM2H Immigration Unit, Putrajaya to submit the required documents, to pay visa fee charges (with cash) and to obtain MM2H Pass & Visa endorsement(s).
3.    Balance of Fee Due to us – Upon receipt of the MM2H Pass & Visa endorsements, applicant is to settle of the balance of the fee due to us according to the selected plan.
4.    Apply to extend “MM2H Conditional Approval Letter” for applicant with valid reason (One time)**. AH AH AH
5.    Additional Services for LGC application from Hong Kong, Singapore and China (One time). AH AH AH
6.    Advice on to hotel reservation on Kuala Lumpur area. AH AH AH
7.    2nd trip to Immigration to obtain first MM2H Pass & Visa for dependent(s). (One time – within 6-month period) AH AH AH


STAGE-THREE : Plan B & C – After MM2H Pass & Visa A B C
1.    Assist to obtain approval to withdraw part of FD one year later. (One time) AH AH
2.    Assist to obtain MM2H Pass & Visa extension on new passport. (One time) AH AH
3.    Assist to transfer Pass & Visa from old to new passport. (One time) AH AH
4.    Assist to obtain Student Permit for Children under 18 (One time). AH AH
5.    Assist to submit application to Immigration add one dependent pass (spouse or child). (One time) AH AH
6.    Assist to renew Insurance coverage from 2nd year onwards. AH AH
7.    Assist to obtain approvals to purchase a new Tax-Free Car. XX XX XX
8.    Advice on appointing agent to import personal car. AH N/A
9.    Advice on how to convert driving license. AH N/A
10. Advice on employment & part-time work permit. AH AH
11. Assist to apply for I-Card (when the system resumes) (One time). XX XX XX
12. Apply to terminate MM2H Status and to obtain approval to withdraw FD. (Within 5 years from issuance date of MM2H Pass & Visa). AH AH
AH = Charges Based Ad Hoc Basis



  • Visa fees payable to the Immigration of Malaysia directly for each individual:
      • Social Visit Fee @ RM 90 per year.
      • Multiple Entry visa @ RM 0 to RM 100 per year (if applicable).
      • Journey Performed Fee (RM 500 – RM 550) per person (if applicable).
  • Medical Check-Up Fee payable with cash to the doctor (if applicable).
  • Medical Health Insurance Premium payable directly to the insurance company.
  • Accommodation and transportation expenses during applicants’ visit to Kuala Lumpur.
  • All fees due to respective parties mentioned above are to be paid by applicants.


  • In the unlikely event when applications are being declined by the Ministry, we would file for appeals until the issuance of MM2H Conditional Approval Letter. Applicants must agree to comply to submit further supporting documents as per Ministry’s requirement.


  • All refunds shall be made in RM which we received. There shall be no compensation due to the fluctuation of the foreign exchange rate. All bank service charges shall be borne by the applicant.
  • No refund shall be made under circumstances due to your negligence of the conditions or any other personal matters arising including failure in meeting the K.I.V. conditions set forth by the authorities or health screen at the medical check-up stage.
  • No refund shall be made if applicants have neglected the 6-month condition as per MM2H Conditional Approval Letter.
  • No refund shall be made if declared information & submitted documents are not genuine.
  • No refund shall be made if applicants are black listed by the Immigration Department.
  • No refund shall be made if applicants do not comply with terms & conditions set forth by the authorities.
  • No refund shall be made if the Ministry delays in processing the applications.
  • No refund shall be made if the Ministry is not able to complete the financial verification.
  • The Agent Appointment Fee is not refundable if you abort the application.


  • All documents and information submitted to Summerfield MM2H shall be kept strictly confidential and used for MM2H application purpose only.
  • Under no circumstances, will any documents, already submitted to the relevant authorities, be returned. (for security reasons)


Our Bank Account Details

Please send the amount of payment equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia (RM) to our Bank Account as below:

CIMB Client Account

Account Name : Summerfield Property (M) Sdn Bhd
Account Number : 8600 870 605

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